Who we are?

Plesna šola Diamant was established by Zoran Plohl, Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun, Alexej Galchun and Lukáš Mušinka. Zoran and Tatsiana are former World Champions in Latin-american dances and their successful partnership has lasted more than 10 years, until they decide to retire from competitive dancing. Alexej is former World Champion in Ballroom dances.

Plesna šola Diamant started as international dance school exclusively for competitive dancers on the highest level and developed in dance shool preparing new generations of dancers in our “Junior Class” but also offers entertaining dance lessons for our hobby member in “Hobby Class”.

world champions practicing in our studio (various categories)
national champions practising in our studio (various categories)
dancers participating on our last event (Summer Camp)
home members and dancers cooperating with our studio

Our Team

Diamant establishers

Zoran Plohl

Main Latin teacher, Director of ŠRKD Diamant, Confidential Clerk of PŠ Diamant d.o.o, Founder

Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun

Main Latin teacher, Director of Plesna šola Diamant d.o.o, Founder

Alexej Galchun

Main Ballroom teacher, Founder

Lukáš Mušinka

Manager of studio, Confidential Clerk of PŠ Diamant d.o.o, Physical preparation for competitive couples, Founder

Alina Vakhner

Zumba insructor, Stretching preparation for competitive couples