Advertising in competition “bulletin” on 2nd Diamant Cup

Dear Dancers, Competitors, Coaches and Friends of 2nd Diamant Cup 2017 and PŠ Diamant!

As we currently are in the period of preparation for 2nd Diamant Cup 2017, we are still offering the option to be part of our competition and advertise in our “2ndKRANJ Open – 1st Diamant Cup” – bulletin. The bulletin of the competition with all starting lists of the participants, sponsors and partners, presentation of our dance club and possibly your advertised subject will be printed in the total amount of 1500 copies, with colored pages for advertisements.

We are offering you the possibility to put Your advertisement in the bulletin of the 2nd Diamant Cup 2017.

Closing date for announcements is: 15th October  2017!

The size of the bulletin is A5 and the prices are:

full page color – 300 EUR
half page color – 130 EUR
full page black and white – 200 EUR
half page black and white – 100 EUR

if you are interested to advertise in our bulletin contact us on: