Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun

Was born in Minsk, Belarus. Start dancing at age of 6. During 28 years long competitive career become Belarus multiple Champion, as well as Champion of Slovenia and Croatia. Won all major competition: -Europe and World Championship in Amateur and Professional Division. -World Cup, Grand Slam, German Open Championship. -Blackpool, UK and International. As adjudicator take part in event, such as: Grand Slam, Grand Slam Final, GOC, multiple World Open, European Amateur Championship 10 dance, World Under 21 Championship 10 dance, World Amateur Latin Championship. Also judge a lot of National Championships ( China, Finland, Belarus, Sweden, Holland, Poland, Czechia) Our students won 11 World Champion titles.

With Zoran Plohl: European and World Champions in Amateur and also Professional Division. Winners of All major competitions in World Dance Sport Federation. (Blackpool, UK Championship, International, German Open, Grand Slam Series…). Winners of European and World Cup. 1st couple of Latin Dance Sport ranking list for several years. Champions of Croatia, Slovenia.