How we started

Established in 2014 by World champions Tatsiana Lahvinovich, Zoran Plohl, and Alexey Galchun.

Dance School Diamant has been a nurturing ground for national, European, and world champions. Our mission is to empower dancers to unlock their full potential, guiding them towards achieving their desired goals with excellence. We are dedicated to crafting a conducive environment that fosters seamless learning and holistic development.

Our Team

At the heart of our success lies a team of teachers committed to excellence, crafting champions with a unique blend of expertise, inspiration, and a shared passion for the art of dance

Zoran Plohl

President, Latin teacher

With Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun, Zoran was the winner of all major competitions of the World Sports Dance Federation, among others, he was also the world champion in the amateur and professional categories. He can boast of victories in competitions: Blackpool, UK Championship, International, German Open, GrandSlam Series and many others. They were also European and World Cup winners. For a number of years, they reigned on the list of sports Latin American dances. They were also national champions of Croatia and Slovenia.

Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun

WDSF judge, Latin teacher

Together with fellow dancer Zoran Plohl, Tatsiana was the winner of all major competitions of the World Sports Dance Federation. They were winners of the World and European Cups, as well as competitions such as Blackpool, UK Championship, International, German Open, GrandSlam Series and others. For many years they were the leaders on the Latin American dance chart. They also won titles of national champions of Croatia and Slovenia.

Alexey Galchun

WDSF judge, Standard teacher

3-time world champion and 2-time European champion in the professional category. Alexey was also the runner-up of the European Cup in 2009. For several years, together with a fellow dancer, he was top ranked when it comes to standard dances, and the champion of the Russian Federation in the amateur and professional categories.

Vitalii Zakharov & Tabea Louisa

Latin teachers

Active athletes in the Adults category. Vitalii and Tabea compete in Latin American dances and represent Germany. They are ranked among the 22nd best couples in Latin American dance according to the WDSF world ranking. They are also the finalists and winners of many international competitions.

Egor Nikolaev & Jerry Lee

Standard & Latin teachers

Egor and Jerry are active athletes in the adult category. They compete in Latin American and Standard dances, and represent Hong Kong, China. They are finalists and winners of international competitions, and thus ranked among the top 50 couples in both programs according to the WDSF world ranking.

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“I have been almost decade with Tatsiana, Zoran and Alexey and never doubted then professionalism. It was beginning of November 2014, when I first came to Slovenia, Ljubljana and since then I understood that I have the best chance to learn from best teachers in the world. In these years I learned so many things, experienced so many great memories and won so many titles together and most important – became better dancer and person.”

Megija Dana Morite

Three Times World Champion

“I had spent most of my childhood in dance halls and it still brings a smile to my face. Zoran and Tatsiana were a part of my dance journey from the very beginning and are really like second parents to me. We went together through ups and downs and I believe I wouldn’t be able to achieve all the important results without their support, guidance and determination. Diamant raises their dancers with a winning mentality and as a result their dance couples are not only achieving great results at the national level but are also recognized worldwide as hardworking and of high quality.”

Zala Fuchs

Slovenian Latin Champion

“Dance Studio Diamant is truly exceptional! Their commitment to excellence in dance education is unparalleled. Under their guidance, I’ve witnessed not only my own growth but also the studio’s incredible ability to nurture and elevate champions. The instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors who instill passion, discipline, and a winning mindset. From beginners to seasoned dancers, Dance Studio Diamant is the place where champions are raised, and dreams take center stage. Grateful to be a part of this inspiring dance community!”

Anna V.